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Magnalium (Aluminum Magnisium Alloy) Insect Screening

Magnalium Insect Screening is another major product of ANAO.

ANAO produces magnalium insect screening in a variety of colors or lustre painted or PVC coated.
Use: Magnalium Wire Mesh are widely used in family decoration, doors and windows against bugs and insects.


Benefits of Magnalium Wire Mesh:

Different colors available
No immigration of materials at normal temperature, no color fading at 120° C
Corrosion resistant, alkali resistant, alkali resistant
Extremely tough and durable
Good flexibility & High strength

Specification Reference of Magnalium (Aluminum Magnisium Alloy) Insect Screening
SWG Wire Diameter(mm) Mesh
30 0.315 13X13
31 0.295 14X14
32 0.274 16X14
33 0.254 16X16
34 0.234 18X14
35 0.213 18X16
36 0.193 18X18
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