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General Introduction of Expanded Metal and Other Products Offered by ANAO

Based in Anping, Hebei Province of China, AnAo Aluminum Expanded Metal Factory has engaged in production of expande metal, mainly aluminum expanded metal, for over 20 years. It is a leading producer of expanded metal with top output and export volume.

AnAo manufactures and exports a broad range of Expanded Metal products, as well as Magnalium Insect Screening (Magnalium Wire Mesh) and Razor Barbed Wire products to Southeast Asian countries, the USA, European and other countries around the world.

Materials of Expanded Metal

AnAo can produce expanded metal products in a variety of metal materials, typically Aluminum Expanded Metal, Expanded Steel Metal, Expanded Stainless Steel, Expanded Brass, Expanded Nickel, Expanded Titanium, also expanded metal in precious metal like silver, gold, etc, with a thickness ranging from 0.04mm to 8mm, opening ranging from 0.8mmx1mm to 200mmx150mm.

Use of Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal products are extensively used in a wide variety of industries and daily life, as gratings, laths, screens, fences, filtration media and building decoration materials.

Patterns of Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal can be processed in different opening shapes, typically as: standard rhombic shape; heavy type Tortoise-shaped expanded metal, also known as hexagonal shape; flattened; and some special shapes or designs.

Finish Treatment of Expanded Metal

Galvanized; oxidized; PVC coated; flattened; special treatment according to customers requirements.

Aluminum Expanded Metal is our traditional featured product. Aluminum expanded
metal we offered can be further divided into different grades: Aluminum
Expanded Metal, Standard Rhombic Shaped; Aluminum Expanded Metal, Heavy
Type (Tortoise-shaped or hexagon shaped); Aluminum Expanded Metal, Flattended
Type; Micron Expanded Metal in Aluminum Foil; Special Aluminum Expanded Metal Products.

Magnalium Insect Screening: We produce magnalium insect screening in 14mesh, 16mesh, 18mesh, 20mesh, 24mesh and other sizes.

Razor Barbed Wire is a newly developed product of AnAo, which can offer better security and fencing compared with traditional barbed wire products.

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