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Barbed Tape Wire is a new product produced by ANAO, which can provide better fencing and guarding to buildings.

  • Thickness:0.5mm
  • Wire Dia.:2.5mm
  • Barb Length:10mm
  • Barb Width:13mm
  • Barb pacing:26mm
  • A2
  • Thickness:0.5mm
  • Wire Dia.:2.5mm
  • Barb Length:20mm
  • Barb Width:15mm
  • Barb Spacing:33mm
  • A3
  • Thickness:0.5mm
  • Wire Dia.:2.5mm
  • Barb Length:15mm
  • Barb Width:15mm
  • Barb pacing:33mm
  • A4
  • Thickness:0.5mm
  • Wire Dia.:2.5mm
  • Barb Length:22mm
  • Barb Width:16mm
  • Barb pacing:36mm
  • A5
  • Thickness:0.6mm
  • Wire Dia.:2.5mm
  • Barb Length:65mm
  • Barb Width:22mm
  • Barb Spacing:102mm
    Outside Diameter No. of Loops Standard Length per Coil Type Notes
    450mm 33 8M CBT-65 Single coil
    500mm 41 10M CBT-65 Single coil
    700mm 41 10M CBT-65 Single coil
    960mm 53 13M CBT-65 Single coil
    500mm 102 16M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
    600mm 86 14M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
    700mm 72 12M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
    800mm 64 10M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
    960mm 52 9M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
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